ECO Bulk Carrier

Just ‘Steelboxes’ with motors ?

(Open Source)

They transport millions of tons of ores and cubic kilometers of grain and many other bulk materials – the word “bulk material” has become proverbial. Without the large bulk carriers, mankind would starve and would have no raw materials available for the industries. True globalisation is taking place above all in the bulk market.

Many bulk carriers were simply built to be “cheap” without innovative or environmentally friendly technology on board. But that will soon change. We offer a new concept for an economical and environmentally friendly propulsion system that allows sailing in ECA zones and does not pollute the ports. In addition, the new drive system will be very responsive to the needs of ship owners. For example, maintenance will become easier and cheaper.

A bulk carrier will be able to operate for decades without being unwanted in most ports one day, because black smoke is “out”.

Picture: Author