Hydrofoils, hovercrafts and catamarans connect ports worldwide and transport cars, trucks and passengers. This book tells the story of these fast ships and offers a comprehensive insight into a fascinating chapter of shipping.

Author: Christof Schramm (Published 2020)

Available at AMAZON

‘To be faster than anything stronger or to be stronger than anything faster’ – has always been the motto of fast naval combat units. From the steam-powered World War I torpedo boat to the U.S. Navy’s newest high-speed trimaran, speed has always been a key quality for survival on the naval battlefield. Here you can learn about the history of the high-speed fighterships, speedboats, hovercrafts, hydrofoils or catamarans that were and are in service with the navies of the world.

Author: Christof Schramm (Published in 2020)

Available at AMAZON

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