“Steamers” were once the greatest progress in shipping. Without them, maritime transport could never have developed as far as it does today. But the days of howling steam pipes are over. Coal is no longer burned in the engine rooms. But the environment at sea and in the ports is no better today than it was in 1900.

An old steamer called “Atto” – 122 m, 12 knots, built in 1911, sunk in 1942. For that time already a bigger freighter. (Open Source)

It is therefore time to remove the black clouds of smoke and find new forms of propulsion for ships. Let us leave our descendants a better environment. We use the available technical possibilities to make ship propulsion more economical and cleaner. However, we are not interested in experiments, but in real projects for economic use. Bulk carriers, tankers, multipurpose freighters and other types can be used in our way in the long term in accordance with regulations and in a climate-friendly way.